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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

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I cannot say enough good things about Jason and the staff of the Edgeworth Club. Jason was very knowledgeable and helped with all my questions and concerns. He is as calm as a cucumber and moves like a cheetah so that your wedding will run smooth as silk. His staff is incredibly welcoming, lovely, and attentive.
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Have you played Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney? | Rock Paper Shotgun

Personality : Miles Edgeworth began his career as a prosecutor at the young age of 20, and in the four years since has maintained a perfect record of guilty verdicts. Seen as a snob, his condescending nature and relentless prosecution along with rumors of evidence and witness tampering have earned him the name "Demon Prosecutor. And look stylish doing it. Misc Facts : Miles has a deathly fear of earthquakes. It was suggested or joked? Miles's emotional state may very well hinge on Pesu's well being. In Miles' original design he was going to be a 36 year old veteran prosecutor, but the staff decided that wasn't interesting enough as a rival.
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Top definition. Miles Edgeworth , the best prosecutor from the Ace Attorney series; currently chief prosecutor. He is very obviously gay and wears a magenta suit with a fabulous frilly cravat.
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Miles Edgeworth is a rival lawyer from the Phoenix Wright series, and considered by some to be one of the deepest characters in gaming. With the expanded field in , PW-crazy Board 8 was able to rally Edgeworth into the tournament. He was placed in a very winnable position, needing to top only joke nominee Bidoof and uber-fodder Agent J to advance, but Pokemon proved more powerful than the PW series and he disappointed with a loss. This wouldn't have been so odd except that Phoenix Wright himself had looked great in defeating Bomberman only the day before, so Miles came in with high expectations.
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